Preetha Ram's guest lecture at MDH
Ashwin Ram, Peter Funk, GDC, Preetha Ram

Philosophy's Relevance in Information Science,
Luciano Floridi, Gordana Dodig Crnkovic, Ruth Hagengruber, Barry Smith, Selmer Bringsjord and Klaus Mainzer

Heinz Nixdorf-Institute, University Paderborn 2008


NKS 2007 From left: Hector Zenil, Stephen Wolfram, Paul Davies, Ugo Pagallo, Gregory Chaitin, Cristian Calude, Karl Svozil, Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic and John Casti.



May 25 2007 Doctoral promotion

Promotor Sten Lindstam

MDH President Ingegärd Palmer Bishop Claes-Bertil Ytterberg and
Cathedral dean Margarete Isberg
with husband

Laval 2006 with Daniel Dennett

Hammering my second thesis
on the MDH "PhD birch",  2006

Royal Institute of Technology,
Ämneskonferens, 2006



2006 ZiF Bielefeld

E-CAP 2006 NTNU Trondheim

Photo: Bosse Dennemo  Eskilstuna Kuriren


APA 2005 New York,
with Peter, Ron and Marvin

2005 Paris, ENSTA

E-CAP 2005



E-CAP 2005 MDH Västerås

2004 September

2004 Salona



2004 Hvar - Vrboska

2004 Boat to Split with Tea 2004 Florence 

  2003 HSV Conference Malmö

Heidelberg 2002

2001 Costa Brava


2001 Miro Museum in Barcelona

2001 Computer Science lab excursion

2000 autumn



  2000 Dubrovnik Summer Festival

1999 Fiesole, Florence

1998 Sweden (Brahe hus)



1998, Kutina, summer, Jozefina

1998 Sept., Washington State

1997 dinner at my fathers cottage



 1995 Pueblo, New Mexico

1994 Midsummer

1994 in woods with Tea,


  1993 Brahehus

1993 Copenhagen

1993 Kutina



1992 Solrosgatan, Tea and Ines

1991 In woods with  Luka,
Tea, Ella and Suada

1989 Porec



1990 funghi hunting

1988 my PhD Thesis supervisors
L Sips and F Janouch, Zagreb

1987 Stockholm


  1986 Västerås surroundings

1985 with physicists colleagues

1985 with little Luka in Zadar Croatia



1984 Mucko tomcat

1984 with Luka in Zagreb

1984 physicists from NBI (plus CS intruder!)



1984 Niels Bohr Institute (NBI)
Copenhagen -
In front of the middle window

1983 in front of Atomfysik
 (Manne Siegbahn Institute)
where I did my PhD in Physics




1983 with little Luka in Zagreb

1981 Paris

1980 with Luka



Professor Supek’s class
in Philosophy of Science

1977 at the hotel balcony,
Krk Island

1977 in front of Dalmatian church,
Krk Island



1976 Dubrovnik

1975 Dubrovnik

1974 Kutina




Art group 1972

Exhibition 1972

1969 Auto camp Posedarje -
my younger sister and me




My younger sister and me


  1964 My mom,
younger sister and  me

My mom and me

My favorite game
some years ago




Analysing a mechanical
toy bird